Thursday, 31 March 2011

My New Secondary Heavy

I hereby present to you lovely people:

Bernardus - Heavy.

Bernardus used to earn a living delivering time-sensitive parcels and messages around Slag Creek and the neighbouring settlements on his hand-built motorcycle. Whilst running errands to other towns, Bernardus occasionally needed to defend himself against monsters or outlaws, and developed some skill as a fighter to go alongside his skill on a motorcycle. Preacher Regis convinced him that these skills could be put to better use in the Furies.

This model is pretty heavily kit-bashed. Whilst rummaging around my really old bits, I found an ancient plastic/lead Chaos Space Marine biker. I removed all the decorative lead parts, so it just resembled a slightly battered bike. I filed the knee pads off the legs so they look like normal (if a bit wide) trousers. I attached a spare Cadian torso, to which I attached one of the original biker arms (again, heavily filed down so it doesn't look like power armour) and a weaponless Cadian arm, which received a bolt pistol. A piece of plastic chain was stuck on his back for use in hand-to-hand combat, and finally a Cawdor cloak/hood was sculpted out of model filler, which I find just as easy to work with as green stuff, for half the price.

The rules for including a bike in your gang can be found in an old issue of "Gang War" magazine. Scans can easily be found online. The article in question was called "Get yer motor runnin' ", and it dealt with both biker gangs and giving a bike to a regular heavy of any other gang. These are of course unofficial, so if you wish to use one, you should run it past your gaming group first. In battle, he is going to kick arse at high speed.

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